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Organic Apricot
Harvest of 2017

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

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The South East of Spain is well-known for its perfect climate to harvest fruits and vegetables. Particularly, the area between the south of the province of Albacete and north of Murcia, produces most of the apricots of Spain. Many families of this area only rely on the apricot harvest as its yearly income.

What makes us different? Our farm only grows organic apricots. We are proud to be part of the Spanish Organic Association (CAAE), member of the European Organic Certified Council (EOCC).

Our farm consists mainly on 32 hectares of organic apricots (bulida variety) with about 11000 trees of 15 years old. During a normal harvest day, we load about 1 or 2 trucks a day.

Our harvesting method is 100% traditional. We select them one by one by hand. Thanks to this exhaustive way of harvesting, apricots for fresh eating will be calipered and served to our customers in cardboard boxes (5 or 10 kg). We also offer the possibility of sending apricots for canning or jamming purposes. 

In 2012 we are planning on harvesting about 400,000 kg of certified organic apricots (Bulida variety). The harvesting process of this season will start beginning of June. This kind of apricot is perfect for eating fresh off the tree as well as for jam, juice or canned fruit.
We also have tomatoes (malpica and optima variety), pepper, eggplant and cucumber which will be harvested the first days of July. 

We believe in a healthier and environmentally friendlier way of producing fruit and vegetables. We don't use any kind of chemical substance. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us in if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you!

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